Snakes and Ladders

Snakes & Ladders

Life can often feel like a game we have to win. On a good day we think we are on our way up the ladder, we can see our destination within reach. And yet, a bad day has us feeling like we bought a one­way ticket down the snake. There are also the days when we feel stuck on the board going nowhere, perhaps telling ourselves it could be worse. Somehow, we sense that it could be better.

Coaching You

Coaching & You

If you have a sense that life or business often seems like a series of ups and downs and that success depends upon the roll of the dice, then coaching with square1hundred could be for you.

Our businesses and our life can benefit from the intervention of a skilled and trained professional who believes in us and in our teams. A coach can assist us to see that our limitations and the game of life can often be illusionary in nature. The ebb and flow of business and life is given meaning by quality of our thoughts. Allowing ourselves to see beyond habitual thought (maybe an old winning strategy) allows us to flexibly transcend what appear to be intractable personal and organisational problems.

Ease and Flow

Ease & Flow

Notice the times when you are in a natural state of flow. From this state solutions arrive, we become more collaborative and our attention moves towards what is possible versus impossible. Operating in a state of natural ease we become more compassionate and responsive people, teams and organisations. We are more able to respond to the needs of our clients and workforce in a meaningful and authentic way.

By slowing down to fix what doesn’t work, the system becomes faster and more efficient, we become more effective and our workforce feels a sense of accomplishment. This is the essence of slowing down to speed up.